Preparing your home for sale

So you have decided to sell your property

Only this time you are going to be in control throughout the process.

And more importantly, you will remove the stress and anxiety of not ever really knowing what agents are actually saying about your property – or how hard they are actually working for you to earn that whopping commission

Trade Places gives you access to all the tools required to sell your home, plus extras. In fact, we believe by using tools through Trade Places you will achieve a better result: who knows your property better than you do? And saving thousands in real estate agent commission means you are able to competitively price your home and realistically achieve a quicker sale.
The following includes invaluable tips on how to present your property for sale.

Presentation is everything!

When preparing your home for sale, keep in mind that first impressions count. With this in mind think: clean, uncluttered, light and bright. It may be useful to ask your family and close friends what they think you should do to your property to maximise sale value. You will be amazed how helpful another perspective can be.
Street Appeal:

The outside of your property is the first thing a prospective buyer will see, so you need to ensure it makes a good first impression.
Some simple, affordable steps to improve the street appeal of your property include:

  • Moving the lawn,

  • Weeding the garden,

  • Planting some colourful, attractive plants,

  • Removing any leaves or dirt on your driveway and pathways

  • Cut back any trees or shrubs that are blocking windows or pathways.

Make sure your property is clean:

When preparing your home for sale, try to put yourself in potential buyers’ shoes. What would you want the property to look like?

Making sure everything is clean and presentable can really make a difference to buyers.

  • Ensure that the windows and sills are clean and free of cob webs,

  • If necessary, have the carpets steam cleaned to remove any stains

  • Remove any clutter in the kitchen and bathrooms – try to have all surfaces clean and clear – this will help make rooms feel bigger and show off spaces to the greatest degree

  • Make sure the kitchen and bathroom/s are absolutely spotless – it is a known fact that these two rooms are a particular focus of buyers

  • Make sure the property is free of any odours.

  • Remember, just because you love your pets, others might not. In fact, non-pet people will most probably view your pet as a germ and odour centre! With this in mind, make sure you put away the toys and food bowls and remove any pet odour and hair.


Don’t let something as small as a loose hinge on a door lose you a sale!
Be sure to make any small repairs prior to the property inspection. Keep in mind; if you noticed it then a prospective buyer will definitely notice it.
Get rid of the clutter:

Make your property look spacious and show off its best features. Keep in mind, a prospective buyer needs to imagine their belongings in your property.
Selling your property is a great excuse to get rid of those items you no longer need – list them on Trade Me or hold a garage sale. If you can’t part with the items put them in storage or at a friend’s place.
Put away smaller items like clothes, shoes and any other items that will make your property look cluttered.
Room Configuration

If you are advertising your property as having two bedrooms and a study, for example, ensure that this is how your property appears.

Think about setting up the dining table with nice placemats, cutlery and candles.

A vase with a nice bunch of flowers will add colour, visual appeal and a nice scent to a room.

Make sure the bathroom is spotless. Put out clean towels and a nice new soap or a small vase with colourful flowers. This is the room women particularly will inspect closely, so make sure the toilet seat and lid are down!

If your lounge is a bit dark or lacking in room appeal, think about buying some new funky cushions which will brighten up the room and give it an instant modern ‘lift’. Many stores offer a wide variety of cushions with price tags that won’t break the bank.

Make sure the kitchen bench top is as clear and clean as possible. Baking a tray of biscuits, etc, prior to an open home will leave your home smelling great - and you could always put a plate out for buyers viewing your home.

And finally.....

Just remember you want buyers to view your home as their potential new home. By spring cleaning, de-cluttering and putting effort into ‘staging’ each room you will be adding value to your home and impressing all those buyers.