Tips for Running successful Open Home

The internet has influenced the way buyers filter and purchase property. Open Homes may be the one and only time buyers will be interested in coming through your property.

The troupe of potential buyers that come through your place on a weekend will usually be seeing a good handful of your competition (other comparable homes that are on the market) at the same time and will have your competitors homes in their mind to compare with when they enter your Open Home. Given this, many home purchasers buy by comparison. You are helping to sell someone else’s house if your home is not up to scratch presentation-wise!

Make sure your home is presented in tip-top shape for any inspection by prospective buyers.

For some good pointers, read Trade Places’ tips on preparing your home for sale

Below are some further tips to think about when running an open home.

  • Make sure the temperature inside your home is comfortable. If it’s a cold day, a warm house is very inviting to prospective buyers.

  • Have your brochures somewhere that will be easily noticed. These will provide many details which buyers will want to know. The kitchen bench or a coffee table in the lounge are both good places to leave your brochures.

  • Having a visitors log is a great way to get contact details for interested buyers. It is also a great way to get feedback on your property following the open home (i.e. price, things perceived as positive and negative about your property). Try and encourage all to sign the log. However, keep in mind that not all prospective buyers will want to provide their contact details as some would prefer to contact you if they want to pursue your property (so have those brochures handy with your contact details!)

  • Buyers often like to view homes at their own pace. Make sure you greet them and offer to show them round (as who knows your property better than you?) But also be prepared to let them browse at their own place. Ensure you are available prior to them leaving to ask them if they have any questions.

  • Having two people running an open home is a good idea. This enables one of you to greet prospective buyers and ask them if they would mind signing the visitors’ log. The other can be available at all times for questions or ‘tours’.

  • Keep in mind that most people are honest and genuine, but for security reasons, make sure things such as jewellery and cash are not left lying around during an open home.

  • Make sure you mention the best features of the property to buyers as this will ensure they have these things in their minds as they set off round your property (view, large living areas, large sunny section, new bathroom, etc).

  • Make sure you are well researched on what amenities are available in the area (schools, kindergartens, day-care centres, shops, parks, public transport, restaurants, cafes, pubs, etc). These are questions many prospective buyers will ask if they are not familiar with the neighbourhood.

  • Know how much your Council Rates are a year and what your property’s Rateable Value (RV) is. Both Rates and RV information is available on most council websites and also on your Rates bill. If you cannot find the information you require, phone your local council prior to running your open home. These are two questions many buyers will have.

  • If buyers have said they are happy to browse at their own pace, do not follow them around the house! This can be very off-putting. However, as mentioned above, make sure you touch base with them prior to them leaving to ask if they have any questions.

  • Finally, remember, who knows your property better than you? So who better to showcase it! Don’t be shy about really emphasizing the great features of your property.