About us

Many home owners want to avoid the excessive commission from traditional real estate agents by selling their home themselves, but lack the knowledge or access to the tools required to successfully do so.

Trade Places is an alternative to using a costly real estate agent. We offer every tool you could possibly want to prepare, market and sell your home and settle into your new home.

Trade Places is 100% New Zealand owned and operated by professional business people who are passionate about helping you keep the money from the sale of your home where it should be: in your pocket.

We have spent a long-time developing ultra cool, easy to use online technology that will guide you through the marketing of your home. No need for time consuming meetings, our packages of tools are ready to go right now at the click of a mouse! There's a package to suit every budget, or you can build your own package through our services directory.

Trade Places’ packages are automated, so the system knows at all times which step you are at with the package you have purchased. The super helpful system walks you through each step. If at any time you are stuck, you can simply click the ‘request assistance’ button and a helpful human will be in touch.

Once you have purchased a package you will be able to login into your Sales Centre and start personalising your chosen tools to your property. The system will walk you through the design of your sign, brochures, online advertising and photography. It will provide helpful hints for writing a catchy advert, choice of templates for photo-signs, step by step assistance for your online advertising and assist you to either upload your own photos or assist you with using your stunning photos from Trade Places' very own professional photographer. 

Our recipe is: zero commission and highly affordable marketing packages combined with access to advice and assistance when ever you need it.  Sell your property yourself and enjoy the satisfaction of spending what would have been a hefty commission cheque on yourself!